Sharee Harkness
Worship Director
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We are a passionate group of creatives, musicians and technicians who love Jesus deeply. Our desire is to use our gifts to honour Him and to draw others closer to Him.


At Greenlane Christian Centre, nothing excites us more than to see the love and power of God revealed among us as we gather. Each weekend we endeavour to craft an experience that facilitates people of all generations to connect with God in a meaningful way. We desire to develop a culture of worship that reflects us as a multicultural church in Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

Our purpose

Our heart is to point people towards God and encounter Him together.

We desire to be passionate followers of Jesus who express our love for Him in a variety of ways. We lead and inspire others in worship as an overflow of our own relationship with Him.

So along with skill, character is of high importance to us.

Our values


We lead from a place of unity, where we believe that God releases a blessing.

We spend time in prayer together, listening to God, encouraging each other and interceding for our church. We have a culture of valuing and serving each other, showing respect in our actions and attitudes. We can trust each other to bring their best into every aspect of being part of this team.


Everyone has equal significance and therefore everyone has the opportunity to listen and be heard. Although part of our Ministry is on stage we have a significant opportunity to connect with those we are leading, therefore we intentionally put down our instruments and have conversations with people before and after the service. Refer: Psalm 133



We endeavour to place God first in all we say and do. We recognise the provided position we hold so, therefore, will grow in character and integrity, pointing people to Jesus through our actions. Refer: 1 Samuel 15:22



Because we honour God and inspire others through excellence, we turn up to rehearsals and services on time and come already prepared spiritually, musically, and technically. We give each other space to grow and develop our skills with a sense of joy and celebration. Our team is a safe place to grow in our giftings, take risks, and try new things. We will be diligent in checking Planning Centre Online so we have updated information that will allow us to bring our best. 


Joining the Team

We serve out of a relationship, so our approach is relational.


Now that you’ve read through our vision, purpose and values, let’s take the conversation further. 


We arrange to meet with you, get to know you and hear your heart for God and leading others in worship. To help prepare us for this conversation, please take a few moments to fill in the questionnaire below.


Once we’ve received this, a staff member will contact you and let you know the next steps.


For those interested in the music teams, you may be invited to an audition.

A few days after your audition you will be contacted to let you know if we can offer you a place on the team or what your next steps might be.