18 October - 6 December 2020

Paul wrote a letter to new believers in the city of Colossae. He didn’t plant the church but had heard of the believers there. 


In many ways, they are like a start-up. Lots of enthusiasm and vision – but open to distraction. The church in Colossae was a church start-up: It was all new to them. They enthusiastically embraced the gospel. Their hearts were in it – and yet – they didn’t have all the pieces. They were under pressure to adopt an ‘inside track’ that was not the way of Jesus. A range of philosophies, ideas, visions, along with rules about eating practices and observing certain days were bombarding them – and confusing them. Paul takes time to showcase the supremacy of Jesus and the way that affects our behaviour and relationships.


He realises that new faith, while exciting, is fragile. His purpose is that they would be more devoted to Jesus.