We have mentors available for those who are already involved in at least one group at Greenlane Christian Centre and want a supportive one-to-one relationship which will help you grow spiritually and support your life journey.

What will happen:

A Mentoring Coordinator matches mentors with mentees. After an initial meeting, both partners will then commit to meeting regularly, to build a relationship in which there is ongoing support, guidance, prayer, sharing of knowledge and experience, and encouraging change and growth.

If you're keen to be a mentor at Greenlane Christian Centre or to have a mentor, start the process below.


Start the Process: Becoming A Mentor

1. Complete this Mentor Application form

2. Download and complete the Criminal Record Check form

3. Email the completed Criminal Record Check form AND a copy of your Drivers License to

4. We will be in touch soon!


Start the Process: Find A Mentor

1. Complete and submit the Mentee Application form

2. We will be in touch soon!