As a church, Greenlane Christian Centre has a process of membership whereby, if a person meets the set membership criteria, they can become a formal member of the church.

This is more than just getting your name on an electoral roll with a right to vote at church meetings.

Being a member of Greenlane Christian Centre says that this is where I belong and that I want to have a say in how things are done around Greenlane Christian Centre. It is also part of being committed to the local church community which is well-grounded on biblical principles of mutual belonging, accountability, pastoral support and service.

Become a Member

Board of Trustees Nomination

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Become a Member

All new applications are subject to approval by the Board of Greenlane Christian Centre.


Our Board

At any time, you are welcome to approach any individual board member of Greenlane Christian Centre.


If you wish to communicate at an official level, please click here for the recommended process.