Ever wish your life had a "reset" button, just like you find on a lot of the tech in your home? This pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt. Rather than dwelling on the negatives, what if you used this time for a personal "reset"? Where do you feel a need for a new beginning? What do we need to put in place to experience a true life reset? The series is designed to provide practical and biblical help in shaping a healthy new you.

Want a snapshot of your spiritual growth? Take our Spiritual Growth Reflection Tool today.


Spiritual Growth Reflection Tool

This Spiritual Growth Reflection Tool is designed to help you as you reflect on your spiritual growth. It will help you to identify areas of your relationship with God that are thriving and areas that need more care. It is an opportunity to get an honest snapshot of your life right now so you can prayerfully and thoughtfully look at your life and decide where you would like to grow.

Choose to use our online reflection tool or download it and do it in your own time. Important: Make sure to download the guide to help you understand your Spiritual Reflection Report.


Reset Wallpapers

For this series, we have created two versions of our RESET wallpapers for your desktop and mobile phone devices to help you keep this reminder of a Bible verse in front of us.

If you would like them in a different size, please email us at