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We value the number of Chinese speaking people we have as part of our community.

It is our heart's desire to help them thrive in this church. And to assist a sense of belonging, we provide translation for our Sunday messages, discussion groups after church and also small groups during the week. 



Monthly Prayer Meet  |  华人祷告会

Last Thursday of each month, 7 pm  |  每月的最后一个周四晚上7点钟

Our Chinese community gathers and starts in worship and then a time of prayer for the (Chinese) community and the Church.


Contact  |  联系人

Peter Anderson ( / Poh Yin (

Mat Fellowship  |  褥子中文团契

Fridays fortnightly, 7 pm | 

The name of the Mat Fellowship is based on the story from Mark 2:1-12, the Paralytic and his four friends. Members are encouraged to find encouragement and accountability within this group by committing to one another, loving one another, and consistently praying for each other. This group meets fortnightly and starts with a shared meal, followed by a Bible study.


Contact | 联系人

Milla Jing ( / Angel Wu (

Daniel & His Three Friends  |  但以理三友团契

Sundays, 1 pm  |  周日中午1点钟

Inspired by the first chapter in Daniel of a group of young people living in a foreign country and their journey with God in this environment, this group is created to help young Chinese members living outside of their country to know and walk with God. This group attends the Sunday worship, share a meal, and then share some stories and activities.


Contact | 联系人

Milla Jing ( / Caroline Ding (

Sunday Sermon Discussion  |  周日主日讲道团契

Sundays, 1 pm  |  周日中午1点钟

This discussion group aims to help our growing community of non-English speakers better understand the Sunday message and apply it to their daily lives. Discussions begin after the morning service and begin with a shared meal.


Contact | 联系人

Peter Anderson ( / Poh Yin (

New Life Class  |  新生命课程

This is a course designed for a person who has just been born in Christ. We will help you build deeper relationships with God and your church family through a new life course created by 7GTV. The course features a small class of no more than 5 people, and try to arrange for the person who brings you to Christ to lead it. This course can be started at any time and in any place. If you are interested in participating in this course, please contact Alex.

Following a New Life Course created by 7GTV, the New Life Class is created with the new believers in mind. This class will help build a deeper understand and relationship with God and our Church family and can be started at any time, and in any place, in a group of no more than five (5) people. If you are interested in participating or starting a group, please contact Alex.

这是一个专门为刚刚在基督里得救重生的弟兄姐妹设计的课程。我们将通过由7GTV 制作的新生命课程来帮助您与神,与弟兄姐妹建立更深的关系。本课程的特色是,采取不超过5人的小班学习,并且尽量安排带您信主的弟兄姐妹与您一起参与。因此,本课程可以随时开班,可以在您的家里或者教会,甚至在工作间隙进行。如果您有意向参与这项课程,请与 Alex 联系。

Contact | 联系人

Peter Anderson (

Greenlane Christian Centre Translation Team  |  中文文字事工

To support our Chinese community in belonging and thriving in our church, our translation team is responsible for live Sunday translations and regular translations of sermons, worship songs, church events, and various theological reflections and spiritual teachings. If you'd like to be part of this team, please contact Alex or Kathleen.

为了帮助华人弟兄姐妹更充分地了解和参与教会生活,我们创立了这项翻译事工。我们除了每周在第二场敬拜过程中同声翻译以外,还定期将讲道,诗歌敬拜,教会重要活动信息,神学反思和属灵教导翻译成中文,并且在 Greenlane Christian Centre 微信公众号上发表。我们相信神要借着这项事工来造就教会以外乃至国内的弟兄姐妹。如果您在文字及网络传媒事工上有特别负担,请与我们联系。

Contact | 联系人

Peter Anderson ( / Kathleen Chen (