Litea Vadiga
CAP Centre Manager
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The Christians Against Poverty (CAP) ministry at Greenlane Christian Centre is passionate about taking the message of God's love and hope into the community through our debt-help programme.


We help families who are struggling with unmanageable debt, poverty and its causes, into a new life of hope and freedom. 

CAP Life Skills

CAP Job Club

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CAP Life Skills

Is living on a low income making life a daily challenge? Do you feel restricted from experiencing the best of life because of your finances? CAP Life Skills is here to empower you to truly thrive on a low income by giving you practical, helpful tools to enjoy life and make the most out of what you have.

How it works

CAP Life Skills is a relaxed and supportive environment full of like-minded people from your community, with course material designed to help you flourish even on a low income. Throughout the course, you’ll learn vital life skills such as, how to make smart money decisions, how to shop and cook healthy food on a budget, and how to build healthy, happy relationships.

Email Litea at or text 022 029 5317 to be notified of our next course!


CAP Job Club

Have you struggled to find a job? Do you feel like you’re on your own as you look for work? Our CAP Job Club connects you to a community of friends and job seekers who can support and encourage you, while trained coaches can give you practical tools to find work.

How it works

Over an 8-week course, you’ll learn how to effectively set goals, build a winning CV and get a foot in the door with employers in your community. Whether you’ve been without a job for a short time or a while, Job Club will help you find work and build the future you want.

Our next course:

Tuesdays, 2 February - 23 March

2 pm - 4 pm

Email Mark at to register today!


CAP Money Course

CAP Money is a free, fun, interactive course that helps you take control of your finances so that they don’t control you.

How it works

The 3-session course helps you identify how you spend your money and prioritise the things that are important to you. You’ll learn to live well within your means, manage or prevent debt, and save for your future, all by using a simple, cash-based system that really works.

Whether you're facing a reduced income, self-employed, well-off or after some help with your finances, this course is for you!

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