ALPHA TERM 4 (alpha 2019D)

tuesdays, 15 oct - 10 dec 2019

7.00pm - 9.15pm

weekend away, 22 - 24 NOV 2019

celebration dinner, 14 DEC 2019

Alpha started as an idea to make it easy to share your faith. Today almost 20 million people have heard about Jesus through Alpha. But in the next ten years it could be 100 million people. What happens next is up to you. Be part of it. Invite a generation to explore life.


The Alpha Course explores various aspects of the Christian faith, and welcomes anyone who is curious and seeking to know more about the basics to the Christian faith.


The course starts with a meal together, followed by a short time of worship and notices, a video topic, a short supper, and concluded by a time of review and discussion.

This is a FREE course but donations are welcome for the meal.


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